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We have customers ask us almost on a daily basis how we can offer a pest free guarantee. When someone hires a local exterminator, they want to know that they are getting a high-quality service that promises professionalism.

Our Process

The first step of the equation is quality service. We’ll knock on the door and ask about any pest issues you have been facing.

If inside service is requested, we will get started with that. The products that we use are environmentally friendly, meaning you don’t have to leave your house.

The first thing we do when we arrive at a customer’s home is inspect the property and note any potential harborages or pest breeding sites.

We’ll take a look near the home, around the bushes, close to electrical boxes, and any other place where pests frequent.

The next step is to apply the appropriate treatment, whether it is dusting, sweeping the eaves, installing traps, or a barrier or lawn treatment.

Training Second to None

Having educated, trained, and licensed technicians make it possible to completely guarantee the outcome we desire.

The initial treatment will eliminate most of the pests, however that’s not the primary purpose of the first treatment.

Furthermore, different products will be used from regular treatments that will flush pests from their hiding places and disrupt them from breeding.

The next service will be performed approximately 30 days later, which will effectively break the egg cycle and get rid of the persistent pests.


We strictly follow product labels to ensure maximum efficiency, so once we lay down the barrier treatment, you shouldn’t be seeing many pests afterwards.

Each home is different and has different surroundings. For example, a home located next to a farm field could have twice as many pests as a home located in the middle of a subdivision.

Either way, if pests do come back, we’ll come back to re-treat your home at no cost to you.

Our Commitment

We aim to be the best pest control company in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. By approaching services with professionalism and customers with friendliness, we can save you time and money by eradicating the pests that are annoying you and causing health concerns for your family.


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