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Mouse infestation is not an uncommon problem; rodents invade approximately 21 million US homes each year.   With them they bring the possibility of carrying disease and an insatiable appetite for gnawing.  As a homeowner you want to know: How they get in, how to spot a mouse infestation and how to keep them away.

How do I spot a mouse infestation?

Statistically you’re more likely to experience a mouse control problem in the fall or winter, however they do invade homes throughout the year.  Mice can fit through openings the size of a dime, they can be found all over the house but often appear in kitchens, basements and attics or garages.  One of the most common signs of a mouse infestation is droppings, however you may also notice gnaw marks too.  Mice are constantly gnawing to keep their teeth down.  You might also notice your pet behaving strangely towards a particular area of the home, this might be coupled with pawing or whining in that area.

How to find their entry point?

It may not be possible to locate the entry point since mice can squeeze through extremely small spaces, however a professional should be able to find and patch entry points for you.

You can check the exterior of your property for cracks and possible entry points, remember mice can fit through very small gaps.  It’s also a good idea to check pipes which enter your home.  If you hire a pest removal company they should also perform a thorough inspection of possible openings.

How can I prevent them from returning?

After the mice have been removed you will want to focus on exclusion.  A mouse infestation can be an unsettling experience, particularly if they cause damage to your property.  You will rightly want to keep them away.   Firstly any known entry points should be patched/covered.  Door sweeps can be installed under exterior doors to help as well.  Be very thorough in any search around your property, check windows, the side of your roof, skirting, floorboards and even air bricks.  Air vent covers can help in this situation.




Here are a few answers to some other common questions people have about mice:

Where do mice hide in the home?

Mice tend to hide out in places unused by humans, such as basements, wall interiors or boxes used for storage.

How quickly do they breed?

Pretty fast! A female mouse can give birth to as many as 12 young every 3 weeks.

Do mice bite people?

Mice are generally very peaceful creatures, they might bite if grabbed, however for the most part they like hiding in unused spaces in your home.

Article written by Oliver Neely of Backyard Wildlife Solutions based in Central Pennsylvania.  BWS are an animal removal company with over 11 years’ experience in mouse and rodent removal.

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