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Having any sort of rodent problem in your business premises is definitely not something you need…ever!  Not only are rodents unsanitary to have on your commercial property, especially if you deal with any kind of food, they can seriously damage your reputation as well. And a damaged reputation often leads to damaged profits.

Mice prevention is just as important in your commercial property as it is in your home. Commercial mouse pest control is something that proprietors need to take very seriously. It’s important to keep mice out so they don’t affect your business. And seeing just one mouse can mean you already have a world of trouble in the background, waiting to multiply!


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In this post, we have teamed up with commercial pest control experts Empire Ltd in London, to bring you the top 5 ways you can protect your business from mice.

  1. Building maintenance – Properly maintaining your business property means you are better able keep mice and a whole host of other pests out of the building. Mice can enter your business through cracks and openings caused by lax maintenance. Putting tight weather seals around doors and windows, then caulking any cracks and openings helps to prevent rodents. You also shouldn’t leave windows and doors open without screens if you can help it. Especially if you know there might be a mouse problem afoot.
  2. Take notice of what’s around you – Mice in commercial settings like restaurants and hotels often go unnoticed. This is because they nest in places that aren’t visible, like between walls or in lofts. To stop a mice infestation in your business, you have to be proactive about it. This may mean doing regular inspections of the property, and partnering with your local pest control company. We can routinely monitor your property for you and put an end to any pest issues before they even begin, or before they get worse.
  3. Look for signs of damage – Mice will almost certainly cause damage to the infrastructure of your commercial property. Mice can do some serious damage by gnawing on timbers, damaging structural support and destroying furniture. Also check your electrics. Mice are known for chewing electrical wiring, which greatly increases the risk of fire.
  4. Look out for the other signs – Rodents will leave a trail wherever they’ve been. Whether it’s a trail of destruction or a trail of droppings, sooner or later you will start seeing the signs of mice. Having these droppings in your business means you are seriously compromising the health of your staff and customers. Diseases are spread through mouse salvia, feces and urine. Anyone who has been in contact with mice in your business is at risk of becoming very ill, leaving you open to all kinds of problems.
  5. Seek out professional help – If you have started to notice the signs of a mice infestation in your commercial environment, the best thing you can do is to seek out professional help immediately. Having a mouse infestation and having it treated in a commercial setting is quite different from dealing with rodents domestically. Having them in your business presents its own set of unique challenges. You won’t be able to battle a commercial rodent problem by yourself without utilizing the skills, expertise and experience of a professional pest technician.

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