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Kansas City Termite Control

With damages costing in the billions of dollars every year, homeowners are right to be concerned about getting termites. Between 6 and 7 out of every ten homes here in Kansas City will have some form of termite damage with a ten year period. It is important to know when you have termites, be able to identify them, and have a termite treatment company out to your home to inspect and treat for termites. Your home is your biggest investment- don’t let termite damage subtract some of its value.

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Signs of Subterranean Termites

The easiest and most plain way to identify termites is by visually seeing them. They swarm once in awhile, which means they are out in plain view and are looking for mates with which to start new colonies. They look a lot like winged ants at this stage, but there is a defining characteristic to look at. Termites have have bodies that aren’t pinched in the middle like ants- they look kind of like a pill with wings. The other members of the colony (workers, the queen, etc) stay underground. The other sign to look for are the mud tubes they build to travel without being in the sunlight. These are often seen at the bases of homes and cement areas.

signs of termites mud tube

Termite Treatment in Kansas City

If you have them, you need to get rid of termites as soon as possible The more wood and structure they damage, the more it will cost to treat, repair, and replace. These eating machines devour about a pound of wood each year, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but knowing that most homeowners only worry about termites about once a decade, therein lies the problem. Call today to get a Kansas City termite quote if you already have termites, or a convenient cost-effective plan that will cover you 100% in the event that termites are found at your home.

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