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Kansas City Rodent Control

Rodents are aplenty here in Kansas City, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. A few rodents living outside can help curb the insect populations, but once they try to venture inside and create nests, they can become more than just a nuisance. They are known to carry diseases and can breed at young ages, making them more and more numerous and difficult to get rid of.

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Mole Control in Kansas City

If you have ever seen small mounds of dirt precariously on sod or grass, there may be moles digging around underneath. They are small, strange-looking rodents that survive underground eating roots and insects. They have long snouts and are typically about 6-8 inches long. Though they are almost blind, they have an extremely sensitive nose (sense of smell), which helps them locate food sources. They dig very quickly, so a small mound can lead to another and another, leading to yards and gardens that are damaged and need costly repairs. If you need mole control, kansas city has the best there is in Six Brothers Pest Control.


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Mouse Control

Mice are common rodents capable of reproducing at around six weeks old, so if there are mice near or inside your home when that happens, you need to make sure to get a hold of the situation quickly. Mice will eat bugs and insects outside, which can be a great help around Kansas City, but once they get inside, they are voracious feeders and will not stop until they try to raid every food container or package around. They are commonly found in attics and sub areas in the home, venturing out at night to see what food and water sources are nearby and also to gather materials for nest building.

Rodent Removal Services

Here in Kansas City, we understand that you need a reliable rodent removal company to show up and provide a needed service. That’s why we at Six Brothers have created a rodent removal system that can be added onto any existing pest control plan that we offer. Give us a call today to discuss the details.

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