The Black Widow Spider is arguably the most feared spider in the United States. Rivaled in the Midwest by the Brown Recluse, just the sight of it sends a shiver down your spine. Although we hope this never happens, here are some things to consider if you ever find yourself the bite victim of the Black Widow.

Some Background

First of all, you need to be sure that it was actually a Black Widow. If it is still around, you’ll see a shiny black body with a red hourglass shape on its abdomen. There are hundreds of different spiders, and even if bitten, they rarely cause you much harm. Even with Black Widows, the chances of death are extremely low. This increases if a child is bitten, however. If you suspect your child has been bitten by a Black Widow, seek medical attention immediately. Don’t call us, call your doctor! We can come out at a later date and treat for spiders.


First Things First

Find the Spider that bit you. If you saw it or felt it happen, kill the spider and identify it. Remain calm– it doesn’t help to become panicked and disoriented, this will increase the blood flow and circulate the venom faster. Look at the wound. You may see two small bite marks or simply a red swelling in the area.


Symptoms from a Black Widow spider bite can be minimal or severe. They can include: muscle cramps, headache, vomiting, rise in blood pressure, chest pain, and shock. The reason for these is that the venom is actually a neurotoxin, which affects your brain and nerves.


Applying ice to the area may keep the swelling down and provide some relief. Do not tourniquette the area as you would a rattlesnake bite.

Prevention is Key

The Black Widow is one of the most dangerous bugs in Kansas City, but in all reality, you shouldn’t spend much time worrying about it. They are often hidden away out of view and only bite as a last resort. Be careful if you are in outside sheds, moving brush and debris, or outside on patio furniture. Wicker furniture is a favorite spot, so take a quick look before sitting down and you’re good to go.


Six Brothers Pest Control in Kansas City can come out and treat for spiders and other insects to take the worry away. We’re easy on the environment and your wallet, give us a call at (913) 703-7373.