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West Valley City

With a population over 129,480 at the 2010 census, West Valley City is the second-largest city in Utah. Home to the Maverik Center and USANA Amphitheatre that seats 20,000 outdoors. With so much to do outside, you don’t want to bring pests home with you. When dealing with pests, you may need a West Valley City pest control to take care of any infestations. To prevent such escalations here are some advice you can take.


The type of termites that can be typically be found in Utah are Subterranean termites. They live in underground colonies and search for food sources by building mud tubes (Also known as Shelter tubes, galleries or tunnels). These pencil thin tunnels are made of a combination of soil, wood and their own saliva. Places to look to see if they are invading your home is by checking your foundation or crawl space where they will attempt to reach for your house’s wood.

Barrier termite treatments prevent termites from entering your home. The termites already inside the house are blocked from getting to the soil for the moisture they need to survive.There are two options of termite control. You can use liquid termite insecticides (termiticides) for barrier and soil treatment or use termite baits. 


Spiders are lone predators that although helpful with eating pests, are an unpleasant sight inside the home. Here are some spiders to be aware of.

Black Widows- One of the most venomous spiders in North America, black with a distinctive red hourglass shape. Black widows live mostly outdoors, although you can get bit while performing household maintenance. Look for secluded areas with lots of cover; black widows will also build their nests near corners in the foundation. 

Brown Recluses- Brown recluse venom destroys the tissue immediately surrounding the bite, causing a black or dark brown appearance. Brown recluses stay low to the ground and have poor vision, although the males can act aggressive during the mating season. Look for an irregular, or loose, web in a dark, dry place, like your attic or basement. 

Wolf Spiders- If you see eggs wrapped in silk, they probably belong to the harmless wolf spider. Wolf spiders do not build webs, and are usually found outside. They are nocturnal and can be found in thick foliage close to the ground. Their large size makes them look more dangerous than they actually are. Trimming hedges and keeping bushes/tree branches 1-2’ off the ground will help keep their numbers in your yard down.

Hobo Spiders- If you’re bitten by the hobo spider, your may your wound to eventually turn black. Hobos have poor vision and only venture inside during the mating season, during early spring and fall. They cannot climb and will remain on the ground floor unless carried upstairs by someone/something else. They build a funnel-shaped web low to the ground and will wait at the end for insects. Spraying around your home during their mating season will help keep them out of your house.


Mosquitoes thrive in tropical weather, but are generally found throughout the US. They enjoy resting in dense vegetation such as tall grass, weeds, and shrubs during the day. Mowing your lawn a few times a week will keep your grass not only healthy but also hinder mosquitoes using your lawn as shelter. Other areas to trim are dense foliage and low overhanging tree branches.

Mosquitoes are attracted to water to survive and where they breed. Best way to prevent them from breeding is to remove standing water. Contaminant water with algae is a common place to find mosquito larvae. Here are some mosquito breeding sources to eliminate from your property: 

  • stagnant water
  • old tires
  • tree pots
  • puddles
  • clogged gutters
  • buckets
  • ditches
  • ponds
  • lakes

Six Brothers Pest Control  

Whether your house is infested with termites, spiders or mosquitoes, Six Brothers is your choice for pest control in West Valley City. We have trained experts to handle any pest infestation you may be having. Six Brothers only uses safe and effective treatments that won’t harm your family and pets.  

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