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Mice Control Washington, Utah

When mice get into your home, it is important to get them out of your home as soon as possible. Mice can be a challenge to deal with and they bring a ton of different diseases and more into your home as well. If you have a mice problem in your home and need help with pest control in Washington, UT, then Six Brother’s Pest Control is here to help you.

Inspect and Identify

The first step to controlling the mice is to inspect their activity, you need to find their feeding areas and where they like to run off to. This helps you place the traps and bait better. Check at dusk with a flashlight. Look for the live mice as well as rodent tracks. Any gnawing damage is a good option to look for as well.


For the best mice control plan, you need to remove any of the sources of food that the mice are able to reach. Mice will feed on both pet and human food so both need to be put up. Your best bet is to reduce their shelters and remove the food so the mice have no want to be there any longer. Some steps to try with this one includes:

Enclose all of the food that is exposed in containers with lids.

Keep everything clean including the counters, sinks, and floors.

Clean any areas that you know the mice have been. You should use bleach as well as some gloves and a dust mask.

Exclusion and Prevention

You then need to inspect the area for openings that a mouse may use to get into the home. It is possible for the mice to get through your home in the walls, floors, and foundations. It surprises some that a mouse can fit through an area smaller than them due to their soft cartilage. If you see any opening, assume the mouse can get through it and close it up for mice control. Try to get as many done as you can, though some will be hard to find.

Mice Control with Traps and Bait

After you inspect for any activity of the mice, it is time to put traps or bait in the areas where you think they are most likely to go. These are the only two reliable methods for you to use when trying to get rid of the mice in your home.

Trapping is sometimes the preferred method .this option allows you to locate where the rodent is when they die, rather than risking them running off and getting lost as they die. You also do not have to worry about any poisonous materials being around your home with smaller children.

It is also possible to use bait. These need to be used in areas that children and pets will not be so they will not get hurt. You should use some resistant-tamper bait stations that will keep others out. There are several types of these baits that are meant to attract the mice while ensuring that they will not be around your home any longer.

Mice Control Washington Utah

Do I Need Professional Mice Control in Washington, UT?

While the methods above will often work to catch one or two mice that may try to get into your home during the winter, they may not be effective all of the time. When this happens, you may need to consider calling in the professionals to make sure you can control the mice problem and keep them as far away as possible.

Hopefully the mice are caught before an infestation. But if you have a particularly cold winter or you have been gone from your home for some reason for a long time, it is possible that you need more mice control in Washington, UT to get rid of the mice infestation. The right professionals are able to take care of all the mice in your home, no matter what kind you need to deal with, and can ensure that your home is safe and sound.

If you end up with just a few mice in your home, it is possible to use traps and other methods to make them go away. Other times the infestation may be too difficult or they just seem to keep coming back. At Six Brother’s Pest Control, we are able to help with all of your mice control needs in Washington, UT. We can provide safe and effective ways to control the mice and keep them out of your home. Contact us today to get started.

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