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Mice Control Springville Utah

Mice look like cute little critters. However, they are among the most dangerous pests in households today. Mice, like all rodents, multiply very quickly. As such, they can take over a property in no time. Additionally, they are highly destructive creatures. They can chew through just about anything. Furthermore, they carry various types of diseases, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Needless to say, these are critters you don’t want in your home. In this article, we’re going to look at what you can do to protect your home from mice. If you are seeing mice give Six Brothers Pest Control a call for quick and effective service!

What Are Mice?

Mice are small rodents that seem harmless but are quite dangerous. They generally differ in size from rats. Rats usually live outside in sewers and fields. Mice typically breed outside and quickly burrow their way into any shelter they can find. In the Springville, Utah area, mice seek shelter during the fall as the temperature begins to drop. Thus, it is more common to have infestations during the winter than in summer.

Also, mice breed very quickly. Once they nest, they can reproduce at a rapid rate. This makes it hard to control an infestation once it begins. Mice can practically nest anywhere. They nest in between walls, crawl spaces, attics, and the basement. They love clutter. As such, any areas filled with clutter are go-to places for mice. Like other types of vermin, they feed on discarded food leftovers. Consequently, the most effective way to prevent a mice infestation is to avoid leaving leftover food and crumbs lying around.

Mice are destructive creatures. They can eat through furniture, clothing, wood, insulation, and wiring. Many household electrical problems are caused by mice and rats. As such, mice infestations can be costly both in terms of control and household repairs. Mice are hosts to bacteria and parasites. These microbes can then turn into serious illnesses in both humans and pets. For instance, hantavirus, leptospirosis, Tularemia, and Salmonella are just a few of the diseases caused by mice.

Types of Mice in Springville, Utah

Mice species are quite varied. Nevertheless, there are three common mice species found in Springville, Utah:

  1. Deer Mice. Deer mice are commonly found in wooded areas. As such, they are much more prevalent in rural areas. Homes surrounded by woods are particularly prone to this type of mice. They are known to carry the Hantavirus. This causes severe respiratory complications. They are generally about two inches long. They are typically light brown with a white belly.
  2. Common House Mice. These are the typically grey-colored mice. They typically invade homes in large numbers in search of food. They often invade during the fall as their food sources run low in the wild. Common house mice are expert climbers. This is why they are often found in attics and beneath roofs. They may also get in through vents and crawl spaces. They range from two to three inches in size.
  3. White-footed Mice. Like Deer Mice, White-footed Mice are often found in wooded areas. As such, homes near a forest may find these critters roaming around. They are known to transmit Lyme diseases. They are similar in size and appearance to Deer Mice. While they don’t commonly overrun homes, they will do so if they get comfortable.

Mice control in Springville, Utah is essential as Springville’s natural landscapes are breeding grounds for mice. As such, they venture into homes once they run out of food sources. Consequently, residents need to be on the lookout for any signs of mice.

Mice Control Springville Utah

Mice Control Strategies in Springville, Utah

Mice control in Springville, Utah depends largely on a clear strategy. As such, here are the most effective ways you can prevent mice from getting into your home.

  1. Seal up entry spots. Broken floorboards, open vents, and cracks in siding can be good entry spots for mice. Regular inspections can help eliminate these openings.
  2. Lay mouse traps. Mousetraps in crawl spaces and attics can work well. There is a wide array of humane traps to choose from.
  3. Use bait stations. These sealed packs contain food inside. Mice chew through the packaging to get at the food. The food contains poison, thereby taking out the pest.
  4. Declutter your spaces. Cluttered garages, attics, and basements are preferred hiding places for mice. Good decluttering will go a long way.
  5. Avoid discarded food. Open trash cans, food on counters, or open pet dishes may attract mice from neighboring fields. Also, mice might come in from sewers and into the home.

With these recommendations, controlling mice in Springville, Utah can be highly effective. Please keep in mind that wooded areas contain mice. As such, it’s important to regularly inspect your home.

When to Call a Mice Control Specialist in Springville, Utah

If you suspect a mice infestation in your home, you may want to reach out to a mice control specialist in Springville, Utah. At Six Brothers, we are committed to helping you take control of your home. Contact us today at 801-428-8389 or email us at  info@sixbrotherspestcontrol.com. One of our qualified mice control specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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