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Provo Pest Control 

Provo, the third largest city in Utah, is quickly growing. Temperatures warm rapidly during the spring, allowing for great and fun outdoor activities. Provo is best known to be the home of Brigham Young University. It is friendly to private business and well over 100 restaurants. With so much activities flowing through the city, what you don’t want is pests interrupting all the fun. Consider some of the pests you may encounter and how to confront them or know when to contact a Provo pest control. 


Cockroaches are filthy, living in unsanitary places like the garbage, decay, bathrooms, kitchens, among other areas. They contaminate everything they touch like food particularly if it contains grease, starch, sweets, and meat products. Cockroaches spread diseases, allergies and sometimes even asthma. During the day they shelter themselves in humid areas that dark and warm. If infested with heavy populations of cockroaches, you will see the, enter and leave through the cracks and crevices in various entry points likes walls, doors, crawl spaces and leaked pipes. 

To prevent an infestation from occurring, consider placing sticky traps against in places like a wall, corner of the floor, a shelf, or a drawer. Most commercially available traps come with bait to lure cockroaches to enter. Apply Insecticidal dusts lightly on cracks and crevices.  Be careful that the dusts do not get near food or where children may physically make contact. 

Kissing Bugs 

As enchanting as their name may seem to be, they in reality are can become menacing earning them another less pleasant name of assassin bugs. If you find the kissing bugs infesting in your property, they are probably in search for fresh blood. They tend to bite their victims around the lips or eyes when they are sleeping. To make matters worse, if a person get bitten by them, there is a chance of spreading parasites.

What is best to use against kissing bugs is granule treatment along with liquid insecticides. Apply the granule treatment around the outside of house such places like crawl spaces, doors, windows, exposed cracks and crevices and other areas you may believe to find them like in the gardens and the lawn. Afterwards spray insecticide in the same location to accentuate the effects of the granule treatment. Once a month for two month should wipe out the kissing bugs and repel them from returning to your home.


Having spiders in your home may be a scary thing to imagine. There are more phobias about spiders than by any other pests. The most common spiders to worry about are the following:

Black Widows- One of the most venomous spiders in North America 

Brown Recluses- The brown recluse bite damages to the surrounding tissues.

Wolf Spiders- Their large size makes them look more dangerous than they actually are. Nevertheless, you don’t want them roaming around in your home.

Hobo Spiders- If you’re bitten by the hobo spider, your wound may turn black. Hobos have poor vision and only venture inside during the mating season.

Pesticides are not very effective against spiders. Spraying, unless directly sprayed at, does not work because of their long legs, protecting the spider’s bellies well above the ground. There are sticky trap that captures spiders. You can place the traps in dark areas near furniture, closet or by the wall.  

Six Brothers Pest Control

The best way to combat infestations of cockroaches, kissing bugs and spiders is contacting the best pest control in Provo. Six Brothers Pest Control has expert technicians that dedicate themselves to keep your home safe by using effective products. Call us today!   

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