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Park City Pest Control 

The city has two major ski resorts: Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort. Both ski resorts were the major locations for ski and snowboarding events at the 2002 Winter Olympics. The hilly scenery is breathtaking in the winter and stunning in the summer. Because of the high altitude, temperatures remain low and ambient through most of the year. However with the fun, hidden in these outdoor activities are pests that seek food, water and shelter. Avoid infestation by thoroughly checking your home for cracks, crevices, standing water, or loose food that may serve as a magnet to pests or consider a pest control in Park City to inspect your property for you.


Cockroaches are health hazards because they transfer bacteria from place to place. The primary diseases are gastroenteritis, food poisoning, dysentery, and diarrhea, although more serious diseases can be spread as a result of their tendency to feed on decaying organic matter. Asthma and allergies may be triggered by the roaches’ feces, body parts, or saliva. Children are particularly affected by these hazards because they are not aware of, and usually do not practice safe hygiene when it comes to food. Cockroaches may also be attracted to food particles left in your toothbrush. Buying a sturdy travel container is usually sufficient to keep cockroaches out of your bathroom supplies.

Sanitation- Reevaluate your property and how you may be attracting pests. Consider storing food, like cookies, cereal, sugar, flour and bread, in sealed or air-tight containers. Cleaning the dishes every night, mopping, and regularly vacuuming your carpet can also remove food residue, and food odors, from your home. Clean stains from the toilet and bathtub. Pay attention to potential cracks and crevices, and seal them to prevent those areas from being used as entry points.

Sticky traps- Place sticky traps against walls, in a corner of the floor, a shelf, or a drawer. Most commercially available traps come with bait to lure cockroaches to enter. Peanut butter, a high fat and high sugar product, also works well. 

Insecticidal dusts- Apply the dust lightly in cracks and crevices. Take precautions to ensure they do not contaminate food, or areas that can be reached by children or pets.


Subterranean termites are a growing problem in Utah cities. They live in underground colonies and need moisture for survival. They build tunnels called mud tubes that are pencil-thin and, predictably, are made of mud and their saliva. The termites use these tunnels to protect themselves from the elements as they search for food. The mud tubes allows them to reach food above ground by providing a stable tunnel structure they climb. If you find termites in your house, examine the foundations of your home for mud tubes. Their main source of food is wood because the cellulose gives them necessary protein. While it may seem unimportant in the short-term, termites can weaken a house’s foundations to the point load-bearing structures collapse.

To prevent the worst case scenario, set up termite bait systems on the ground where you find activity. Another method is drilling into a wall you believe is infested with termites. Drill small holes every 3-4 inches until you find a spot where the drill bit has no resistance. This means you have hit the termite gallery, or main living quarters, and the area where you should apply termiticide.


Mice can enter through cracks in foundations, floors or walls. Due to their cartilaginous skeletons, they can fit through any openings larger than 1/4″. Setting bait traps with peanut butter or chocolate every few feet along suspected ‘trails’ should help. Move the traps every few days until you have gone a week without catching a mouse.  

Six Brothers Pest Control

Undertaking your own pest treatments can be time consuming and labor intensive. Hiring a reliable Park City pest control company takes all the guesswork and worry away, placing the safety of your home and family in the hands of expert technicians. Six Brothers pest control uses safe and effective treatments that eliminates any kind of pest you may be dealing with. whether it be cockroaches, termites, mice or any other pest infestation.   

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