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Ant Control 

If ants weren’t so horrible, we might just think they were the most interesting insect out there. These little creatures are capable of lifting items many times their weight, and if all the ants were weighed, they would outweigh mankind.

Think about how many ants there must be! In fact, there are probably ants within fifteen feet of you at all times.

They are social insects, broken into different responsibilities and serving the queen ant- the ant in charge of laying all the eggs.

There are scouts and workers also, each one knowing its duty and working tirelessly to accomplish it. Ant colonies are like a well-oiled machine. Indeed, it’s hard to picture an ant taking a break or sitting by watching the others work.

Maybe we could learn a few things from our six-legged friends.


Six Brothers Ant Exterminators

We’re the ant experts here in Overland Park. There are a few different species that are of concern here. Red Imported Fire ants can be seen as far north as Nebraska, though are  more common in the lower areas of the United States. They are of concern only because their bite can be extremely painful. Make sure your kids can identify them and stay away from their nests.

Ants are a pest in Overland Park because they are pernicious, meaning they repopulate fast and once they are in your home, are very difficult to get rid of. If you need the best pest control Overland Park has to offer, give us a call today.

Getting rid of ants takes education and the right products. Fortunately for you, we have both. We have the highest quality, most effective ant removal products on the market and highly-trained individuals to administer them.



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