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Silverfish are quite common insects found almost in all places in the U.S., and Orem, Utah, is no exception. They usually prefer to stay in damp and dark areas, for example, bathrooms, kitchens, attics, and basements. You will often find them in damp clothing and paper. If you had sheds or storage boxes lying around the house, you might find silverfish in them as well. Silverfish are also known to form holes in stored paper, clothing, upholstery, and so on; they cause a nuisance in the house. They might even cause an infestation in the pantry and eat the grains.  If you are seeing silverfish around your house, give us a call today, we would love to be your pest control partner!

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

If you are not sure but doubt that you have a silverfish infestation on your property, here are some signs that you should look out for –

  • The first and most obvious sign would if you see a live silverfish roaming around the house. But accurate identification of a silverfish is also necessary. Here is a short description – they are usually small, about one inch in length and their bodies are covered with slippery scales. These insects’ shape resembles a teardrop, and they are found in varied colors like bluish-silver to brownish-gray. When they move around, you might think that their movement resembles that of a fish because they keep wiggling. Silverfish are usually nocturnal creatures, so spotting them around the house is not easy, but that does not mean they aren’t present. Spotting silverfish in a couple of places doesn’t always mean that you have an infestation, but it would be safer to get your house checked by pest control services.
  • The next thing that will help you identify a silverfish infestation is their fecal matter, which is fairly unique. Search the areas that are more likely to be visited by the silverfish, such as storage areas, garages, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, and see if you can find any fecal matter that resembles black peppercorns. If you do not pay attention, you can easily miss them or brush them aside as debris.
  • Throughout the life cycle of the silverfish, they have this tendency of shedding skin. Their outer skin is delicate and appears quite small after shedding. But you can spot them if you examine them carefully, and then they can serve as a crucial sign of silverfish infestation.
  • In some cases, you might not be able to spot the skin of the silverfish but yellowish dust. This dusty or stained appearance comes as a result of their molting. You might even find this yellowish stain or dust on cardboard boxes, papers, or books lying around the house.
  • Lastly, a prevalent way of spotting a silverfish infestation is through the damage they have caused. It has been noticed that these insects love to feed on carbs like linens, starches, sugars, wallpaper, adhesives, book bindings, paper, and so on. You might conclude it to be a silverfish problem if you find these items with multiple holes chewed in them.

Are Silverfish Harmful?

In general, silverfish will not harm humans directly because they do not cause any disease, nor do they bite or sting. But they can definitely cause a lot of nuisance by damaging your personal belongings in the house. There are other ways in which they can cause trouble as well. For example, some people are allergic to silverfish, so even though they are not directly transmitting any disease, they might be triggering allergies in some people.

Another important fact about a silverfish infestation that you should know is that their presence often attracts other different types of insects to the house, thus increasing your problem. The most common type of insect that comes to houses containing silverfish is carpet beetles.

Silverfish Control

Silverfish Prevention

Like we already mentioned before, silverfish prefer areas that are damp and dark. They reside in areas with high humidity, and they also reproduce faster when they get the right conditions. So, if you want to prevent a silverfish infestation, one of the most important things to ensure is that you take the required steps to control humidity in your house. In order to do that, open the vents that are present in the crawl spaces. You can reduce their feeding sites by being more stringent with housekeeping and ensuring no food particles are lying around the house.

If you find active signs of an infestation and it is localized, then the chances are that they have invaded your house somehow from the outside or might have been brought inside through infested items. Another thing that helps with silverfish prevention is to get a dehumidifier for your house. If any portions in your house have wet and moldy wood, make sure you get that repaired. Check the drains and pipes. If anything is leaking, repair it. Avoid stacking up on books or old magazines in the basement. Also, store all your food items in containers that are air-tight.

Silverfish infestations cannot be handled on your own and require professional assistance. The pest control experts at Six Brothers Pest Control will assess the condition and then advise you on the most effective way of controlling the infestation. You can easily reach us at (801) 406-7707, or you can even write to us at We have home inspection services for silverfish control in Orem, Utah.

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