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Residential Pest Control Orem Utah

There are different types of pests found in Orem, Utah, and most of them thrive year-round. Some common names include cockroaches, fleas, ants, spiders, and so on. They can easily come inside your house and wreak havoc. But you need not worry because our experts at Six Brothers Pest Control services have customized plans for every pest problem keeping each season in mind. So now, you can think about other important things and leave pest control to the experts.

Why Do You Need Regular Pest Control?

People have this misconception that if they keep their house clean and tidy, they can keep the pests away. But that is not the case – there will always be some pesky creatures coming in. This is where pest control services come in and if you want to know more about why you need regular professional services, read on to find out –

  • Home remedies don’t always work – If you search on the internet, you will probably get a bunch of home remedies for different types of pests. But even if you manage to eradicate a few of them, it won’t be enough to control an infestation or make sure they don’t come back. Sometimes, what you see on the outside is only the tip of the iceberg. That is why you need experts assessing the gravity of the situation and implementing the necessary measures. In most pest infestation cases, the source cannot be identified at once, but when a professional inspection is done, everything is revealed, and we can treat the problem right at its source.
  • You are at risk of several health problems – The most important reason you need to avail yourself of professional help when you notice pests is that they cause a nuisance and expose you to a ton of health problems that might even land you in a hospital. In fact, pests can also transmit diseases, and some examples of these pests include mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents. It is not possible to assess whether a pest is a carrier or not, so you need to treat them all the same and maintain caution.
  • Pests can damage your belongings and property – Most pests enter your property in the first place because they found a food source. For example, carpenter ants can damage many things in your house by eating away at them. Similarly, silverfish can damage anything made from organic fibers. Thus, some of the most common items that are damaged by pests include furniture, towels, blankets, clothing, and your couch. But at Six Brothers Pest Control, we will send the most expert team to your property, who will assess each and every corner thoroughly. You might even be surprised with the results because most of the time, homeowners are not even aware that they have a pest infestation at hand.
  • Pests can hamper hygiene – Pests have a way of finding their route into the pantry, and then they start nibbling on food that they can find. They will finish your favorite snacks or, worse – contaminate food without your knowledge. When you eat that contaminated food, you will immediately fall sick. So, contacting a professional pest control service will help you in controlling the pests so that you don’t fall sick due to food poisoning.
Residential Pest Control Orem

How Can Six Brothers Pest Control Help You?

We provide one of the best services of residential pest control in Orem, UT. Our pest management program consists of the following steps –

  • At first, we perform a thorough inspection of the property. A proper inspection is what will allow us to determine what kind of approach you need to control the infestation at hand. The inspection is not only about identifying the pests correctly, but it is also about checking the environmental conditions in which they are thriving. We will listen to all your concerns as well.
  • After we have gathered all the information we need, we will prescribe you the best possible method to control the pest infestation. We will narrow down the options and then choose the one that will cater to all your needs. Our approach will first deal with the most problematic areas of the house and also prescribe some long-term approach to keep the pest away.
  • We believe in an ongoing process that so in the initial stage, we offer a full inside and out service. And then, in all the follow-up sessions, we generally do the outside. The follow-up process is what will keep the pests away in the future so that you can live stress-free.
  • We believe in responsibly implementing our strategies. Our professionals are trained in these services, and they know exactly how much product is required in what quantity, and they won’t overdo it.

At Six Brothers Pest Control services, we take our commitment very seriously. We understand that pests can be a nuisance, and we promise to solve the problem as quickly as possible. We communicate with our customers openly to ensure they are satisfied with every phase of the process. If you suspect a pest infestation, give us a call on (801) 406-7707, or you can even write to us at

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