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There is nothing more worrisome than finding rodents or mouse on your property. Even the most composed person will get riled up at the sight of mice in the dining room, basement, attic, or kitchen. You will be surprised at how resourceful these small creatures can be. They can enter your house through the tiniest crack.  If you are noticing mice around your home give us a call today, we would love to be your pest control professional!

How Do Mice Enter Your Homes?

Sometimes there are cracks in foundations, floors, and walls, and these are enough for the mice to enter. In most cases, until and unless there are clear signs of infestation, homeowners do not even realize that there are mice in their house. The bodies of mice are made in such a way that they can easily come in through the slightest openings and cracks that appear to be much smaller in size than them.

Some other ways in which mice enter homes or other properties are through sewers or gaps in ceilings and windows. If proper sealing has not been done, then bathtub and sink drains might also provide them entry. It has even been noticed that mice can easily come inside through oven gas lines and plumbing holes around the house.

Mice infestations typically start in the fall season when the temperatures start dropping – that is when they seek shelter. Mice are always in search of places that are warm and safe. The worst thing about mice is that they can quickly reproduce, and within a few months, they can produce more than 200 specimens.

Do You Have a Mice Infestation?

Before you are able to call pest control services for a mice infestation, you have to identify them. It is not that tough if you know how and here are some tips that will help you –

  • The most obvious way to detect a mice infestation is to actually see them. But mice usually have a way of dodging the humans, and since they are mostly nocturnal, you might not notice them so easily in the initial stages.
  • If you hear the night sounds like scurrying, scampering, squeaking, or gnawing almost every day, then it is probably because you have mice in the house.
  • Look out for urine or mouse droppings around the house.
  • When mice are present in your house, they will gnaw and chew away the ducts. So, look out for such signs.
  • You should also check the insulation in your house and see if any of them have been damaged or disturbed.
  • Mice also have the tendency to make nests in corners or hidden spaces with materials like fabrics, insulation, and paper. Look out for these nests.
Mouse Control in Orem Utah

How to Keep Mice Away?

When you have a mice infestation, it is best to call for professional help. But there are some preventive measures that everyone should take, and they are as follows –

  • Block the entry points – The most effective and easy way of stopping the mice from entering your house is to block the entry points. This also prevents any existing infestation from expanding to other areas in your house. Even the smallest of openings need to be sealed because they need only the tiniest gap, and they will find their way in. Examine the vents, utility pipes, and foundations, and if you notice any cracks, seal them. Don’t use wood, rubber, or plastic because the mice will be able to chew their way in through these.
  • Maintain proper cleaning habits – Cleanliness is essential if you don’t want rodents in your house. Mice will thrive if they easily find food sources. So, if food particles are lying around the house or food is left at easy access, mice will thrive. Keep all food in containers with air-tight lids. Never keep the containers open. The countertops, sinks, and kitchen floors need to be cleaned every day so that no food particles are lying around. You also need to seal your trash cans and keep them covered at all times; otherwise, the mice will find food in the garbage.
  • Inspect items from time to time – If you don’t inspect your attics, storage spaces, or other such corners of the house regularly, they will serve as the perfect breeding ground for pests. Moreover, whenever you bring something into the house from outside, for example, grocery bags, boxes, or any other package, make sure you check it thoroughly.

Do Mice Carry Diseases?

There are a lot of health risks that you are exposed to with a mice infestation. They carry a lot of pathogens that have a chance of infecting humans. And the most dangerous part is that you can catch these diseases even when a mouse does not bite you. Simply handling a dead mouse can sometimes give you certain diseases. Moreover, breathing in the air containing mice droppings or urine can also affect your health. Other ways in which diseases from mice can spread to you are through mites, ticks, or fleas that have fed on the infected mice.

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