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Fleas are not only nasty insects but parasites that live and feed on animals. They latch on to the body of rodents, feral cats, dogs, and other wildlife animals, and that is also the most common way of them getting inside your house. But if the infestation becomes too heavy, they might even choose to feed on humans. The best way to control a flea infestation is to hamper their life cycle. If you are seeing fleas give Six Brothers Pest Control a call today!

How Do Fleas Get Inside?

When there is a flea infestation, people often wonder how they entered the house in the first place. It is not so difficult for fleas to come in and even more so if you have pets in the house. Like we told you before, these parasites mostly prefer animals as their hosts. You take your pet for a stroll in the park once in a while, right? While they are playing outside, the pests might attach to their skin. This is how they cause an infestation in the fur. When you bring your pet indoors, the fleas come in too. Even if you do not have pets in the house, fleas can come into your yard from stray animals and rodents. And then, from there, they can easily come inside the house. Thus, prevention of fleas is usually quite difficult.

Are Fleas Serious?

Obviously, a flea infestation is disgusting, but fleas are serious as well because they bring a health risk not only to your pets but also to you. Since they are parasites, an infestation on your pets means that the fleas are actually feeding on the blood of that animal. Here is a list of health risks that come hand-in-hand with a flea infestation –

  • Flea Allergic Dermatitis – When fleas feed on your pets, their saliva causes a localized infection on the animal’s skin which leads to itching. And, every animal reacts in a different way to flea bites – some are more sensitive. Thus, sometimes, animals might face severe itching, skin damage, scratching, and so on. On the other hand, pets who do not have the same reaction might not show any symptoms at all.
  • Anemia – If the host has been affected by too many fleas, then the animal is losing a lot of blood every day, and over a prolonged period of time, this can cause anemia. This risk is even more for sickly dogs or small puppies. In fact, the complications increase over time and have also caused death in some cases.
  • Spread Other Diseases – Fleas are also responsible for spreading other diseases in pets, for example, bartonellosis, plague, and typhus.
  • Tapeworm Infection – There is a particular type of tapeworm – Dipylidium caninum – whose microscopic eggs are often ingested by the flea larvae. When the larvae become adults, it becomes a carrier of that tapeworm. If the animal ingests the carrier flea during self-grooming, it gets the tapeworm infection as well.

What Happens When You Get Fleas in the Carpet?

The most common problem of fleas getting inside the house is when they start reproducing in the carpet. When fleas are hidden in the carpet and rugs, they are not so easy to detect. On average, fleas lay about 50 eggs in a day when they are on the body of the animal. But as your pet moves around the house, the eggs fall off and get stuck in upholstery and carpets. These eggs hatch, and the larvae can remain in the carpet for months. The perfect place for hiding for these fleas are high pile carpets. The pests are able to thrive in the carpets because they do not die when stepped on because of their hard and crush-resistant exoskeletons.

But since the fleas remain hidden in the carpets, they can bite not only your pets but also you. Flea bites can cause a lot of irritation, and on human skin, these bites appear as a red itchy spot that is slightly raised. With time, they appear like sores, and in extreme cases, they might even bleed.

Flea Extermination Orem Utah

Signs of Fleas in the House

There are several indicators of fleas being present in the house, and if you are careful enough, you can spot them at a nascent stage –

  • Pets Scratching – If fleas have infected your pets, the first indicator is them scratching themselves very often. They will try to groom themselves repeatedly because of the discomfort from flea bites.
  • Adult Fleas – When fleas are in the adult stage, they are easy to notice and locate. This is even more evident if you come back to your house with your pet after a long vacation. The adult fleas will try to jump on you and your pet for a meal because they were starving all these months.
  • Feces – If you notice adult flea feces, then also you can conclude that you have a flea infestation in the house. But how will you identify it? Well, it looks quite similar to black pepper that’s coarsely ground.
  • Bites – Lastly, bite marks are also a typical indicator of a flea infestation.

In the immature stages, fleas are very hard to detect, and their behavior is quite cryptic. So, in order to control the flea infestation, you need to call for professional help. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we have advanced measures for flea control in Orem, Utah.

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