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Commercial Pest Control Orem Utah

Six Brothers Pest Control services offer pest management solutions to all types of commercial properties in Orem, Utah. We have worked with office buildings, warehouses, and even restaurants. We have the knowledge as well as experience required to deal with a pest problem at a commercial property. We understand that pests can be harmful to your business, and we take the best approach suited for your situation.

Most Common Pests Found in Commercial Properties

Pest sightings in commercial properties are mostly seen in workspaces, ceilings, boiler rooms, bathrooms, cafeterias, and so on. But they can wreak havoc not only on the property but also on your business. Here is a list of some of the common pests that are seen in commercial properties –

  • Rodents – The first and foremost name that cannot be missed on the lists of pests in commercial properties are rodents. Their nuisance has increased over the past few years in Utah, and now, they have become a major problem. They can multiply very quickly, and they are also very resourceful in finding ways to get in. The risk of facing a rodent problem varies from one property to another depending on the neighboring properties, the building’s structural condition, and the location of the property.
  • Night Insects – Nocturnal insects like moths that are attracted to lights are also quite common in commercial properties because they get attracted to the lighting in the facility. They can come inside through small crevices, cracks, or open windows and doors. Our pest management team will be able to suggest to you some alternate forms of lighting that won’t attract moths and yet serve the purpose.
  • Spiders – These are small insects and can go through pipes, vents, crevices, and even small cracks. People usually fear them, and for a good reason. Some spiders are dangerous, and one bite can send you to the hospital.
  • House Flies – A common pest seen in commercial properties are house flies and they can get inside very easily through an open window or door. Flies put the safety of food at risk, and no one loves them around. Their presence sparks the fear of unhygienic conditions and can even put your quality check at risk. Moreover, they transfer several pathogens to foods.
  • Pavement Ants – Ants are quite common all over Utah, and since they are found in cracks in foundations, asphalt, and sidewalks, they are very prevalent in commercial properties.
Commercial Pest Control

How Can We Help With Your Pest Problem?

The professional team at Six Brothers Pest Control services have extensive knowledge about commercial pest control in Orem, Utah. Even if the pest problem seems small now, it can quickly go out of hand and even damage your business reputation if you neglect it. We ensure that our approach is kind towards the environment and also to your commercial space, and at the same time, our solutions are highly effective and will keep the pests at bay even in the future.

We don’t use anything that will compromise your health. We understand your concerns, and our team will communicate with you every step of the way. We also believe that every pest problem is different, and so we customize a special plan for every problem. Once you report your problem to us, our team will visit your property for a thorough inspection to identify the different types of pests you have, and then we will prescribe the best approach for your situation. We also help you identify their point of entry, what is leading them to your property, and where they are breeding. We always try to use low-risk products in controlling pests so that no adverse reactions are caused to the environment, your property, or you. But the good news is that our approach has always turned out to be 100% effective in controlling the infestation.

Thousands of our past clients will testify to our high-quality work and ethical approach to pest management. We also have a very high client retention rate that only shows our clients’ faith in us. We aim to control the pest infestation and do it in the minimum time possible so that you don’t have to waste much of your valuable time. We also aim to provide you with the best service on a budget. We put our 100% in what we do because we understand what your business means to you, and we aim to protect your reputation.

Pests not only cause structural damage in commercial properties, but they contaminate your products. They also raise serious health concerns among the public, which only takes away your business reputation. Six Brothers Pest Control services have years of experience dealing with pests in different environments, so we know what will work for your situation.

Our team will assess your property and also pick out its vulnerabilities so that you can take the necessary preventive measures to keep away pests in the future. Our experts also perform a risk analysis and then suggest the approach that will give you optimal results. Our advanced methods ensure that you always one step ahead. Get in touch with us on (801) 406-7707, or you can even write to us at

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