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Ants have the habit of living in colonies and, thus, are called social insects. If you have never experienced an ant infestation on your property, then you are one of the lucky ones because they can be quite annoying. Ants are a very common pest in the U.S. Every day, there are so many people reporting issues with ants. If you are noticing ants in you home give Six Brotehrs Pest Control a call today!

Types of Ants Found in Utah

There are a total of 5 types of ants that are most common in the state of Utah. Each of them has different characteristics, and the damage they cause is also different. Read on to find out more about these ants –

  • Pavement Ants – The most common type of ant that people in Orem, Utah, find on their properties are the pavement ants. These ants are mostly found in the cracks of driveways, sidewalks, foundations of homes, and so on. If they gain access to your home once, they keep increasing in numbers very fast and can quickly be a nuisance. Their colonies are of at least 10,000 workers or more. Once these ants manage to get into the pavements, they find their way into your kitchen cabinets and garbage and thrive for a long time if not managed.
  • Harvester Ants – These types of ants are quite common in households. They have a reddish body color, and the adult ants are usually a quarter of an inch in size. If you have these ants on your property, then the most common problem is the loss of grass because they construct their mounds around those areas. They create quite a problem, and their stings are painful.
  • Field Ants – They are of different colors, for example, tan, black, brown, and even multicolor. The usual size of the adult ants is somewhere between one-eighth to three-eighth of an inch. If you provoke these ants, they will not shy away from pinching you. This gives a stinging sensation because their bite releases an acid foam that reacts with your skin.
  • Carpenter Ants – The destructive nature of the carpenter ants is what makes them so dangerous, and you should definitely look out for them. Thus, it is also important for you to identify these ants as soon as you can. The different types of these ants require different measures to be taken. Usually, these ants are black in color, and their size is half of an inch. However, the queen ants are larger in size, have wings, and grow up to an inch in size. There are some males in the colonies who are winged as well. The worker ants, on the other hand, do not have wings.
  • Velvety Tree Ants – They vary in size widely. You will find ants that are a quarter of an inch, while some of these ants are one-eighth of an inch. You will usually find them in tree limbs, logs, and stumps. Their bodies are encased in a velvety, fuzzy thing that gives them their name. If you crush these ants, they give off an unpleasant odor. But from appearance, they can be easily mistaken as carpenter ants.
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How Can You Control an Ants Infestation?

There is never a single strategy that will help you keep away all types of ants. But there are some control and preventive measures that you can take to control and keep away an infestation –

  • Like you saw in the previous section, not all ants are the same. So, if you want the infestation to be controlled, you first have to identify them correctly. If you call the Six Brothers Pest Control services, our experts will help you with proper identification. One of the most important advantages of calling for professional help is that you can avail yourself of knowledge-based ant control services. Ants can be managed effectively only when someone knows about their activities and whereabouts.
  • Ants prefer areas that are damp, so you need to make sure that your house does not have areas that have a lot of moisture. This means you need to check your roofs and pipes for leakage, and if you find any, you need to get it fixed. The downspouts and gutters around your house should be leading the rainwater away from the main building.
  • Maintaining proper cleanliness measures is another important step in keeping ants away. Clean your dining space and your kitchen countertops and ensure that food particles are not lying around. The cabinet tops and kitchen floors must be kept clean too. Refrain from keeping dirty dishes and utensils in the sink for a long time. Your trash containers should be emptied from time to time, and they should also be kept covered so that your garbage is not exposed. If you have leftover food, store it in containers with air-tight lids and then keep them in the refrigerator. If you are hosting a barbeque outdoors, don’t forget to clean the patio and remove all residues or food crumbs that have fallen on the ground.

Our experts at Six Brothers Pest Control services have extensive knowledge of ants and how to manage them. If you need our services for ant control in Orem, Utah, you can simply give us a call on (801) 406-7707, or you can even write to us at

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