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Our Guarantee

We go the extra mile for our customers. If you ever need additional service, give us a call, we’re happy to come back to your home and treat, on the house.

Family-Owned and Operated

There are six of us brothers that started and still run this business. Family is everything to us; so let our family serve yours!

We Support Veterans

We have a soft spot for those who serve our great country, and do all we can to ensure they are always taken care of.

Spring Valley Pest Control

Pests, no matter what type, are active year-round and can invade your house. This means that you need to have a year-around protection against them. Six Brother Pest Control offers custom treatments for pest, offering the residents of Spring Valley the peace of mind and all year long protection against these pesky critters. 

We are fully committed to providing our customers with the best services for protection against any unwanted pests. With 80+ years of combined experience, we are the leading pest control company in the Spring Valley area and have served thousands of customers, including both residential and commercial. 

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Our tailored pest control and protection plan guarantees you the safety from pests year-round and also prevents them from coming back, which saves you time and money. You can also schedule a complimentary inspection of your home or business location to learn how we can help you safely and effectively get rid of pest problem. 

All of our staff members are certified, licensed and fully insured.. No matter how big or small your problem is, our job is to get it fixed for you. 

Our Pest Control Services

With Six Brothers Pest Control, you have the option of selecting custom pest control services based on your needs. Here are some of these: 

NAME CHANGE! Same great services, same guarantee, new name!

Other Services


Cockroach Control

The Majority of the people are allergic to cockroaches. Much worse, when these pests die, they decompose and their remnants become airborne. These airborne remnants can be inhaled and result in allergic response which leads to asthma. Roaches contaminate your food and spread disease all over your home. 

If you suspect roaches in your house, even if it is only one, give us a call and we can come and assess the situation.


Comercial Pest Control

Pest infestation in commercial areas like offices, restaurants, clinics, etc. can be very detrimental on your business. They cause some serious property damage and also pose health hazards to your customers and employees. This could result in a serious financial loss and ruin your brand image. 

Our experts at Six Brothers have been proudly serving Spring Valley commercial areas by offering state-of-the-art commercial pest extermination and prevention services. 

Give us a call today and get a free of cost estimate for your service.


Wasp Removal

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets are all stinging insects with poisonous venom in their sting. If stung by one, you will suffer with an allergic reaction, pain, and sometimes serious skin irritations. Don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. 

We are skilled in removing wasps from residential places along with some commercial locations. Wasps usually infest your home when they find a source of food like soda spills, open trash cans, and even sugar treats left out in the open. While we will help to remove them completely from your place, it is always a good thing to take preventive measures so they don’t invade your house in future. Clean up all spills and sweets right after eating them and make sure to cover your garbage cans..


Rodent Control

You will see rodents in the spring or fall, because this is the time when temperature changes and these pesky rodents enter your attic or crawlspace. They can enter your house almost from anywhere where there is an opening. Other than that, if there is any disturbance around your home or an ongoing construction nearby or in the neighborhood, chances are you will find your home infested with rodents. 

Our mice and rat control experts at Six Brothers can professionally help you get rid of rodents and other pest problems at your home. If you suspect any infestation, don’t delay, just give us a call and we’ll get it solved for you.


Bed Bug Control

Unlike the traditional methods of getting rid of bed bugs, Six Brothers Pest Control uses an innovative technique which is almost chemical free. We use bed bug heat treatment which is a technological and ecological breakthrough in treating these tickling and annoying pests living your mattress or on your pet’s skin. 

Our bed bug treatment ensures that all of the bugs in your living space are exterminated. Whether it is your bedroom, an apartment, a clinic, theater, summer camp or even a recovery center, if you suspect bed bugs and your in Spring  Valley, Six Brothers is the name you should be calling for help.


Ant Control

We know you love Spring Valley, unfortunately so do the ants. Ant problems usually begin on the outside of your house. Their infestation usually begins when you invite them. As a matter of fact the majority of the pest infestation in residential areas occurs because they were invited. If not taken care of, these annoying pests can quickly multiply to hundreds of thousands in number and will become a serious nuisance. 


Spider Control

Spiders can be very difficult to manage. Your traditional DIY spider control products will not work on them and you and your family will always be at a risk of being bit. Six Brothers Pest Control provides a comprehensive spider control solution, which not only deals with their infestation, but also prevents them from entering your house in the future. Our experienced exterminators are trained to professionally handle any pest lurking on your property. That is why our team only uses the latest and safest pest control products that are safe for children and pets.


Termite Control

Your home needs protection, just like your family. Usually Americans’ biggest lifetime  investment is their home. Make sure to keep it in tip top shape by getting inspections and removing any termites that venture too close.

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