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Kansas City Termite Inspection

Kansas City is a big place to live with much to do. Do you like fishing or simply being out with the family? Then Big 11 Lake is meant for you. Another great area to explore is the Lewis and Clark park. While outdoor activities may be where to be when its nice and warm, it also harbors nasty pests and if you’re not careful, some of those pests like termites can find their way into your home. Doing a termite inspection every now and then can help keep the house from rotting away.

Signs of Termites

Investigating for termites requires you to look for the right signs of the pest. It means searching for wood and shelter tubes (a tunnel comprised of mud, termite’s saliva and feces). With a sharp object like a knife or screwdriver, look closely at places where termites might reside, places such as the foundation and crawl space. Use your sharp object to probe damaged wood and both the exterior and interior of the fountain especially when wood is near soil. Pay close attention to hollow blocks, cracks in cement or brick construction where termites can form their shelter tubes.

Keep an eye out for swarmers. They are flying termites and the purpose of the group of adult male and female reproductives is to leave the nest and establish a new colony. A good indicator of swarmers is when you find a pile of wings they shed once finding a source of shelter. Swarming usually occurs during March through June and can even extend till September or October if the weather is warm enough. A termite inspection in Kansas City might be the best to handle the problem.


Six Brothers Pest Control

If you are uncomfortable with getting rid of your termites on your own, that’s completely understandable. You may not want to handle any pesticide sprays or crawl in dark places if it is infested with termites. There are different species of them and knowing which one you are dealing with, can help be eliminated by the right people. It might be time to get a termite protection plan.  

The last thing you need to worry about in the summer are termites. Having Six Brothers Pest Control take care of the termites, allows you to relax and enjoy being in your own home. We provide expert technicians that can inspect every inch of your house for pests. Termite treatment in Kansas City done professionally ensures that pests aren’t an issue for you now or in the future.

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