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Kansas City Commercial Pest Control

When focusing on your business, you worry about your clients, employees, regulations and other issues relating to your particular industry. Kansas City is filled with a lot of hard working small businesses that don’t need to deal with pest scaring away customers. Here are some things to consider on why you should choose a commercial pest control in Kansas City.


Ants are social creatures that their teamwork are based on communication. They communicate with each other by brushing their antennae together, through pheromones that is a chemical scent and communicate through sound. Ants live in a colony and constantly seek food and water. If an ant finds your home for food and water, will leave a pheromone trail for the other ants to follow. Normally you encounter ants during the springtime, however if the ants’ nest is inside the house or near the foundation, you can find them active in the winter. Regardless of the season, a possible infestation is if a young queen finds a way indoors through a crack or through objects brought into the house and create a new colony.  


Termites are a lot like ants except their presence is more damaging. They both live in colonies, they both have workers and they both feed on organic matter. Termites feed on decomposing wood, such as old firewood piles in backyards, stumps, old fences, or decks. Making sure your yard is clear of debris and your wood is properly covered and treated will go a long way to making sure termites struggle to find food on your property.



Fleas are often found inside a house through pets such as dogs and cats or animals that manage to seek in like rodents. Fleas feed on an animal host and survive by sucking their blood. Humans can also become a host for fleas. The fleas’ bites are often itchy marks that get swollen and may transmit several diseases and allergic reactions. They live in the hair or fur of their host which means if there is no frequent bathing or grooming to prevent infestation. They lay eggs on the pet’s bedding, behind furniture, carpets and even the cracks on the floor.  


Six Brothers Pest Control

Six Brothers Pest Control provides top quality service to the commercial pest control in Kansas City and specializes in a variety of pests that disrupt your home. We can take care of any ants, termites and fleas in that is damaging your business. We offer free inspections to get an idea of what we’re up against and use environmentally-friendly products so you don’t have to worry about your family while getting rid of harmful pests. We are proud to be Kansas City’s top pest control and cockroach exterminators and will make sure that all your bugs are gone from your home or business.

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