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Kansas City Bed Bug Control

No matter what day it is, waking up in the morning is probably one of the worst parts of the day. Waking up with itchy red marks, bed bug bites, sure doesn’t make it any better. Bed bug bites in Kansas City have been on the rise in recent years, especially due to interstate travel, hotel accommodations, and used furniture purchases. These little hitchhikers will latch onto anything and everything in hopes of finding a place with viable hosts.

Bed Bug Description

These little critters live in Kansas City homes, hotels, and businesses with carpet, furniture, and other places that bed bugs love. They are very small insects, but visible with the naked eye. They are shaped like an oval, with flattened bodies perfect for hiding in between objects. They swell up after feeding, so they may appear larger sometimes due to this.


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Bed Bug Bites

If you wake up with insect bites on your skin, it may be from bed bugs or other arachnids or bugs. Bed bugs bites, signs and symptoms are pretty easy to detect. For instance, if you see small blood spots on your sheets or tiny, sand-like fecal pellets, you probably have bed bugs. When bed bugs bite their victim, they release some of their saliva, which coagulates the blood so the host doesn’t notice or bleed out. This saliva is what creates the bite reaction, which can include swelling, redness, inflammation, or the forming small blisters. Most often, the bites are located on the victim’s arms, neck, legs, and shoulders.


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Bed Bug Treatment in Kansas City

If your home has bed bugs in it, you may be tempted to try to get rid of bed bugs on your own, but take extreme caution with this. Bed Bugs don’t need to feed very often, so even if you treat for them and don’t see them for a while, it doesn’t mean they are gone forever. In fact, many of our customers have tried on their own before calling us for an effective bed bug service. Give us a call today for a bed bug solution here in Kansas City.

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