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Spider ControlĀ 

Spiders are common in yards, gardens, and homes in Independence, Missouri. Spiders are often looked upon positively when they are outdoors because they eat many annoying insects, but once they enter homes, they become another household pest that must be dealt with. The key to good spider control is keeping them outside where they belong. This can be achieved through many different methods like regular cleaning routines, simple household modifications, and insecticides. With a few tips and tricks and some help from a professional pest control company, you can keep your home safe, comfortable, and spider-free.

Common Spiders in Independence

Like most of the Midwest, Missouri has a lot of bugs, including spiders. Most spiders in the area are harmless. Common spiders in Independence include: orb spiders, garden spiders, wolf spiders, and jumping spiders. Other than being creepy to some people, they do not usually cause trouble. The Midwest is also home to the two most dangerous spiders in the United States, the brown recluse and black widow. While bites from these spiders can be scary, they are very rarely deadly. Bites can be extremely painful though and cause various symptoms, sometimes serious ones. The presence of recluses and black widows makes spider control in Independence even more important.

Black Widow Spider Kansas City

Homeowners can do a lot to prevent spiders in their homes. It all starts with a good cleaning routine. If there are any webs already in your home, you can start by removing them. The easiest way is to use the hose of a vacuum cleaner or a broom to sweep them away. Regular dusting and vacuuming is important because it helps to remove any eggs or nymphs that may be around. On the outside of the house, you can take steps to seal the exterior. Use caulk or spray foam to fill cracks and gaps. Pay special attention to doors, windows, and places where pipes or wires enter the home. Sometimes, these prevention methods are not enough. That is why it is helpful to invest in regular pest control treatments.

Your Trusted Independence Exterminators

Regular pest control treatments can keep spiders out of your home. Six Brothers Pest Control is your go-to source for safe, quality pest control that you can trust. Our technicians will come to your home and perform an initial inspection. They will then be able to address problem areas that they identify. Common spider control treatments may include perimeter treatments that create a barrier around your home, de-webbing of the outside of your home, and indoor treatments of baseboards, closets, garages, or anywhere else that you have spider problems. All of these treatments are safe and effective. If you are in need of pest control in Independence, contact Six Brothers Pest Control today!


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