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Ant Control 

Did you know that there may be as many as 22,000 different species of ants in the world? With numbers like that, it is no wonder that ants seem to be a constant problem for homeowners. Of all of the pests in Independence, Missouri, ants are consistently at the top of the call list for pest control companies. Independence exterminators are busy from early spring to late fall dealing with ants. Ants enter homes in search of food and water, so anything that homeowners can do to eliminate crumbs and excess moisture will definitely help in the battle against ants. While it may see that ants are just annoying, ants can actually become agricultural pests, cause pain through bites and stings, and destroy homes and property. If you notice an ant infestation in or around your home, it is best to take care of it right away.

Independence Ant Species

Independence, MO is not unique when it comes to ant problems. Like most of the country, common ant species in Independence include: pavement ants, pharaoh ants, little black ants, carpenter ants, and odorous house ants. Effective ant control can be achieved by understanding the behavior of ants. Ants are extremely social creatures that live within large colonies. The queen is responsible for the long-term survival of the colony. Without eliminating the queen, you can not hope to get rid of the rest of the colony. Ants communicate through pheromone trails. These chemical scents guide ants to the source of food and help them return to their nest. If you only eliminate the ants you can see, in no time at all, more ants will follow the pheromone trail and be right back in your home. Professional exterminators in Independence understand the behavior of ants and know which ant baits and sprays will work best for each unique species and situation.

Best Independence Ant Exterminators

Getting rid of ants may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Six Brothers Pest Control serves the great people of Independence, Missouri and wants to be your go-to source for all of your pest control needs. Pest control in Independence has never been easier with our trained technicians, excellent customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our family owned and operated company wants to help your family be safe and pest-free.

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