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Once pigeons decide to take over your home, it is often difficult to make them stop coming back and go away. Being proactive and finding effective ways to keep them from stopping by in the first place is critical. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we are happy to provide our clients with the very best in pigeon control in Henderson, NV. Whether you are trying to get ahold of the game to avoid pigeon trouble in the first place or you already have a big infestation, our professionals are here to help.

Why are Pigeons So Bad?   

Pigeons are never a good thing to have around your home. They have the potential of damaging your home thanks to their urine and acidic droppings. This is a problem that can come with any type of bird. But since pigeons are determined birds that do not like to go away, it is likely that they will make a place for themselves around your home and not leave.

Over time, it is possible that their droppings will start to accumulate on your property. This will permanently damage your home, chimney, roof, backyard, eaves, and any other surface that the droppings are in contact with over time. This means a lot more work and money for you. And it will decrease the value of your property.

In addition to having to worry about the pigeon droppings, you need to worry about how much damage they can cause to any crops or food you may try to grow on the property. Pigeons are known for damaging crops by eating them, leaving their droppings there, and trampling all over the food as well.

If you decide to grow any kind of crop around your home, pigeons are going to have some fun. This is a good source of food for your pigeon and they may spend some time walking through and trampling the food there if they are in large flocks. They have no problem eating, feeding, and damaging as much of your plants as possible with their feet and flapping wings.

Where Do Pigeons Like to Go On My Property

When trying to prepare for pigeons who may try to take over your home, there are a few areas that you can check out. If you are worried about getting up high, then consider calling in a professional pigeon control company to help you do this work instead. Some of the places to look to find pigeons to see if it is time to remove them include:

  • Edges of your home or any other items on the property
  • Ledges
  • Tree branches, especially ones that are a little higher up
  • Treetops
  • Fences
  • Patio awnings
  • Chimneys
  • Rooftops
  • Roof gutters

Often proper pigeon control will involve some kind of tool that will make it harder for pigeons to land in certain areas. They like to be more on the rooftop and chimney area because these are flat and leave more room for them to do their nests. When something is placed on these areas so it is harder for the pigeon to roost and nest, then they are less likely to stick around.

If you are worried about pigeon control in your home or on your property, then it is time to call in the professionals. They can come out and look at the whole property. This allows them a way to determine what kind of help you need to keep those pigeons away.

What Things Deter Pigeons

It is usually best to try and prevent the pigeons from getting into your yard in the first place. This can keep everything a little bit safer and ensures the birds are not going to cause problems. You should do these things before you get to the point of needing professional pigeon control.

There are a few items that pigeons do not seem that fond of so having these around your home will make a difference. Some options like shiny objects, loud noises, and spicy scents can keep them away. While you probably do not want to have a loud noise going on around your home all the time, keeping some spicy herbs around the home could help. And some simple shiny objects placed strategically around the property can keep the birds away.

Of course, if you already have pigeons in your yard and around your home, then it is time to call in some professional pigeon control in Henderson, NV to help you out. The right team can remove the pigeons that are already around your home, even those stubborn ones that do not seem to react to anything else that you try.

Can I Remove Pigeons On My Own?

There are a few things that you can do to keep pigeons away from your home. You may find that using the shiny objects and spicy scents will work. There are also certain herbs and plants that pigeons are not fond of that can make them stay away.

However, pigeons are often really hard to control and are not likely to just run off on their own without a little bit of a fight from you. It is much better to hire the professionals to make sure that you get the right pigeon control in Henderson, NV. This will ensure that the birds are removed as quickly as possible and they will not have a chance to take over your yard and cause a mess. When you have a lot of pigeons taking over your yard, consider professional pigeon control right away.

If pigeons have started to take over your home, it is time to call in the right pigeon control team in Henderson, NV. Our team knows how to properly handle pigeons and any other bird pest that try to cause trouble around your home and business. At Six Brothers Pest Control, we can set up a comprehensive pigeon control process that will keep your home and everyone in it as safe as possible. Contact us today to get your appointment set up.

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Do I Need Flea Control for My Home in Henderson, NV?

While there are a few steps that you can take to do your own flea control around your home, it is often best to trust the work to the professionals. The right flea control company in Henderson, NV is able to handle all of your flea problems, ensuring that all of the fleas are gone and they will no longer cause you a lot of problems. Wasting time on home remedies is just going to make the problem so much worse. Hire the right flea control in Henderson, NV to help you get started.

At Six brothers Pest Control, we understand how important removing fleas can be. These little pests can infest everything and may carry a ton of diseases inside your home. Our team can help remove the fleas so your home stays as safe and healthy as possible. Contact our team today to get started.

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