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Grandview Pest Control

Grandview is named for its spectacular view obtained from the original elevated town site. Mostly known for Harry S. Truman’s family farm home in his early twenties, the city reflects the 33rd president’s dedication to family, hard work and sacrifice. Grandview has a rich history in the farming culture. As the city is growing, it goes by the motto “Building Tomorrow’s Community”. But you can’t build a tomorrow if pests tear it down.      


The moment the weather starts getting warmer, ants are one of the first pests to emerge. An important thing to know about them is that they are social insects that use pheromones to communicate with the entire colony over sources of food, water and shelter. You may try to get rid of the ants with some repellent but it will only affect a handful of them before the colony scatters and rebuilds itself.

Also it’s important to be aware of the different kinds of ants there and the type of behavior and pattern they each distinctly portray. For example you can commonly identify up to the following species: carpenter ants, pavement ants, crazy ants, fire ants and many more. People often think that ants only live outside and invade homes for their food when they can only create and live in a nest inside your home. There is a lot to consider when dealing with ants and perhaps choosing a pest control in Grandview, Missouri.


Nothing can tear down your home like a termite can. They infest your home by building a trail of shelter tubes from the ground up through the foundation and reaching wherever in your house they may find wood. Look out for damaged wood like blisters in wood flooring, revealing an infestation below it. Hollowed wood that shows the damage caused by termites. Not only should you watch out for shelter tubes, damaged wood, but also signs of swarmers. Swarmer are flying termites that eventually shed their wings. If you spot their wings then an infestation is nearby.


Spiders are scary and hide in the corners of a lot of entry points where other bugs like flies or mosquitoes fly through. If you can reduce bugs from coming inside your home, you increase the chances of having less spiders be present. The ones you should really worry about are black widows and brown recluses. They are poisonous and unfortunately common pests that attempt to enter your home.


Unlike the other pests, rodents such as mice and rats are larger pests that can be the most annoying. At night as they scurry through the house, they made scratchy noises. They leave behind a nasty smell. Once they find your food, they chew through everything, urinate and drop beads of feces. Beside contaminating our food, they spread disease. Setting mouse traps may catch a few but overall it may be better to get a professional to handle the situation.

Six Brothers Pest Control

Instead of trying to stop the pests on your own, picking a pest control in Grandview, Missouri might be your best option. By getting Six Brothers Pest Control to help you, will be getting high quality service with free inspections and safe treatments using the greenest products to your family, pets and environment. We also have pest control in Olathe, KS, Overland Park, Kansas City, Liberty and more locations.

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