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We go the extra mile for our customers. If you ever need additional service, give us a call, we’re happy to come back to your home and treat, on the house.

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There are six of us brothers that started and still run this business. Family is everything to us; so let our family serve yours!

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We have a soft spot for those who serve our great country, and do all we can to ensure they are always taken care of.

Dallas Mosquito Control

If you’re looking for a mosquito treatment here in the Dallas area, look no further. Mosquitoes have been around for literally millions of years. Just think, not only our ancestors were mad about mosquitoes, but dinosaurs as well! We’re here to alleviate the annoying-ness of mosquitoes once and for all. These little suckers can’t have power over us anymore, thanks to Six Brothers Pest Control’s mosquito service.

Mosquito Control

We have a few different mehtods of getting rid of the mosquitoes that live and breed in your yard and property. A mosquito spray cost differs depending on how large your property is and how severe the infestation is. However, the most important things that can be done are actually by the homeowners themselves. Obviously there are excpetions, but following these tips will mitigate the chance of having a full-on mosquito infestation.

  • Keep proper circulation and air flow
  • Remove standing water where mosquitoes breed
  • Wear light colors
  • Use mosquito repellent that contains deet

Get a mosquito treatment for your yard regularly. It isn’t a hassle, in fact it doesn’t take more than a half hour depending on the home. Give us a call today and we’ll make sure you don’t have those pesky skeeters around any longer.

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