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Most of us are afraid of spiders, and even if you are not, you should be because there are some deadly spiders whose one bite can land you in the hospital. The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they think of spiders is a web, and the webs are also one of the identification factors of a spider infestation. Tiny spiders might not cause a nuisance if they are one or two in number and are hiding in corners of your house. But the problem arises when you allow them to breed, and they become many.

Common Type of Spiders Found in Idaho

At Six Brothers Pest Control, we are an expert in spider control in Boise, Idaho, and we have helped control a spider infestation in many households. The most common type of spiders that you will come across in your house in this part of the country are as follows –

  • Black Widow Spiders – These have a gleaming appearance, and they are entirely black. On the underside of their body, you will find a red patch on their abdomen shaped like an hourglass. However, the black and shiny ones are the adults. If you see these spiders in their early stage, they can be white or orange. As they age, their color darkens. This is a widespread spider in the U.S. These spiders mostly love to stay in places that are warm and dark. They do not prefer light. Thus, you will mostly find them in firewood piles, hollow stumps of trees, barns, sheds, and so on. They do not go up to higher areas, and thus, their webs are usually noticed close to the ground. The female varieties of these spiders are the ones that bite and have an aggressive nature, whereas the male ones do not bite unnecessarily. If you get a bite from this spider, you will have nausea, sweating, increased blood pressure, and fever. Immediate medical attention is necessary. These spiders get their names from a unique fact – the female spiders are known to feed on the male spiders once they mate. But this is quite rare.
  • Jumping Spiders – These are very prevalent spiders in the state of Idaho. They have tiny legs and can jump really well. Their entire body is very compact. They are fully covered in hair, but their overall body color is black. They are experts at spinning webs, and you will notice these webs both outside and inside your house. You will find these spiders mostly around the doors and window sills because they sit there waiting for their prey. Their webs are also found chiefly around these areas. This is because, in a house, your doors and windows are the main entry points for insects. If you check outdoors, then some familiar places where these spiders can be seen are decks, fences, bushes, and even on the outside walls. Even though these spiders might be a nuisance, but their bite does not contain any poison. Moreover, they do not actively bite humans until and unless you try to hurt them.
  • Wolf Spiders – The markings on their bodies that make them similar to wolves identify these spiders. Their legs are spiny and long, and their body color is usually dark brown. They are terrifying to look at primarily because of their large body size and bushy appearance. These spiders are common, and you will find over a hundred species of them throughout the U.S., including Boise, Idaho. They do not climb up your ceilings and mostly stay near the floors if they manage to enter your homes. Even if they come inside, it is mostly because they are searching for prey. Some common outdoor spaces where they reside are leaves, firewood, landscape timbers, and so on. These spiders are not aggressive and won’t bite you unless they feel threatened. They have unique characteristics. Most spiders spin webs to trap other insects but the wolf spiders, as their name suggests, hunt their prey down actively using their superb running quality. They do not spin webs for hunting.
  • Hobo Spiders – In the valleys of Idaho, one of the most dangerous spiders is the Hobo spiders. The total length of these spiders is very long and can be two inches. You will find them in vegetation or under rocks, where they form funnel-like webs. They are speedy and have a hairy appearance. Their bites are dangerous, and so, you must fear them. Once they bite, the area will become swollen and have a necrotic lesion. In layman’s terms, the tissue surrounding that area will become damaged, and the whole area will be excruciatingly painful.
Boise Idaho Spider Control

Preventive Tips for a Spider Infestation

If you don’t want spiders coming into your home or building webs, then there are some common tips you can follow –

  • Cleaning your home is the key. You cannot skip cleaning just because you don’t like it. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean every corner of your home at least once a week, if not daily. Some spots that you not definitely miss are beneath large pieces of furniture, behind TV consoles and tables, and underneath sofas.
  • If there are any cracks, holes, or crevices in your house or around piping lines that you feel are enough for a spider to enter, then you need to seal these holes. This will block the entry point of the spiders.
  • If you notice any webs around your house, clean them then and there so that the spiders do not find it suitable to stay inside your house.
  • In general, avoid any sort of clutter either inside your house or in the yard.

If you are living in an old house, then there are high chances of a spider infestation. But irrespective of the type of property you live in, if you notice spiders crawling about, you need to seek professional help at once. To book a consultation, you can call us on (208) 801-7378, or you can even write to us at info@sixbrotherspestcontrol.com

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