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Cockroach Control Boise Idaho

Here in Boise, Idaho, different types of pests can get into your house, but a widespread pest is a cockroach. They can cause different types of allergies, contaminate your food, and are simply gross to look at. But, if you take the help of the professional cockroach control services in Boise, Idaho, that we, at Six Brothers Pest Control, provide, you can effectively manage an infestation no matter how bad it is.

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

You can easily find out whether you have a cockroach infestation or not by checking for certain signs that we are going to discuss below. Cockroaches can easily give you nightmares, and thus, you need to spot them early. It is not a very difficult task as they leave behind some obvious clues for you.

  • Droppings – If you have cockroaches in the house, you will have droppings here and there, but the catch is to know what these droppings look like. For starters, you might mistake them for black pepper, especially if you find them in your kitchen. Their lengths might differ, but usually, they have a diameter of one millimeter. But what needs to be kept in mind is that if you are cleaning the cockroach droppings, you need to practice some extra caution. It is because cockroaches are well-known for feeding on just about anything, and that is why their droppings might contain a lot of unknown pathogens. This is how diseases spread. The most common pathogens to be spread by cockroach droppings are bacteria.
  • Smear Marks – Next, when cockroaches move around on fabrics or even on walls or floors (in case of highly moist areas), they leave behind some smear marks. These marks do not have any particular shape. These marks can even be produced on the resting sites of the cockroaches. Thus, if you notice such spots in clusters in a certain place, it means that the cockroach was most active in that part of the house.
  • Unusual Odor – As we mentioned before, cockroaches leave behind their droppings everywhere in the house. Now, these droppings are smelly. A special type of pheromone is released from the droppings that helps the cockroaches attract others of their species. But this smells is not pleasant to humans and is somewhat musty. It lingers for quite a while. If you have one or two cockroaches in the house, you might not feel it too much, but when the infestation is large, this smell can become unbearable. You might even feel like everything in your house has this smell.
  • Cockroach Eggs – These pests are known for laying many eggs at once in a cluster. This cluster is termed an ootheca, and every type of species has a different ootheca. Here is an example – the brown-banded cockroach has an ootheca with only eight segments, whereas the German cockroach produces an ootheca with as many as eighteen segments. On the contrary, there are some species of cockroaches where no clear segmentation can be identified on their ootheca.
  • Shed Skin – There are different stages in the life cycle of a cockroach until they reach their adult stage. In one of those stages, the cockroaches shed their skin. And they shed it at least five to eight times in their entire life cycle. Whenever they shed the skin, it is left behind in your house, and spotting such shed skin is a sure-fire sign of having live cockroaches in your house. These skins can be of varying sizes.
  • Live Cockroaches – This goes without saying that if you spot a cockroach crawling around the floor, then you obviously have a problem in your hands. You must know that cockroaches usually come out at night because they are essentially nocturnal. They are also very good at climbing because of the sticky padding present in their feet. So, if you notice a live cockroach in daylight, it means that there many more cockroaches hid away. This one has come out probably because the population has become so much that there is no longer enough space for everyone.
  • Damage – Lastly, you can also identify a cockroach infestation through the damage they leave behind. The roaches do not eat anything they damage. They simply chew through different types of materials. The most common damage is seen on food packaging, but you can also find chew marks on book pages and leather materials.
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Why Do You Need to Seek Professional Help?

Many people think that they can control a cockroach infestation through DIY measures, but you should never do that. Always opt for professional help before things get out of your hands. Cockroaches can reproduce very fast, and so by the time you experiment with your DIY methods, the experts will examine the problems and provide you with an effective solution. It will be much easier and practical for you to control the infestation as soon as possible.

Moreover, cockroaches tend to chew through materials and live inside walls and cabinets. Thus, they cause structural damage to your homes. There is no use allowing the infestation to grow when you can call the professionals right away and do something about the situation.

Lastly, cockroaches can spread diseases because of the pathogens they carry. So, it is not safe for you to experiment with your methods. Our experts at Six Brothers Pest Control are trained at handling cockroaches and managing the infestation in the safest way possible. You never know what allergic reactions the cockroaches might trigger and so, even if you spot just one of them, call for pest control services right away.

Allow us to help you in your situation, and we will offer you a specially customized solution depending on your situation. Once you book an appointment, our experts will visit the property and assess the extent of the infestation. After that, we will follow safety standards and conduct our pest control program. We will keep you updated through every step of the process. You can directly give us a call on (208) 801-7378, or you can even write to us at

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