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One of the most frustrating and peskiest pests of all in the Boise area is mosquitoes. They are present almost year-round and what is even more troublesome is that they can spread diseases. Some of them can be dangerous illnesses, too, like malaria and dengue. Even though these diseases are not so common in the U.S, you still have to take mosquito infestations seriously because of one primary reason – these are bloodsuckers!

Busting Some Common Mosquito Myths

Since mosquitoes are known to cause some of the deadliest diseases worldwide, many myths regarding them need to be busted. People often give in to common talk and don’t cross-check the facts. So, our team has accumulated some common myths that need to be straightened with the correct facts.

  • They bite people with sweet blood – There is nothing as such! Some people are indeed more prone to mosquito bites than others, but that is not because their blood is sweeter. Mosquitoes don’t bite you based on their blood taste preference. Your body releases some chemicals when you sweat, resulting in your natural body odor – that is what the mosquitoes are attracted to and not your so-called ‘sweet blood’! Thus, they are primarily attracted to people whose bodies tend to produce more citric acid or uric acid. Another thing that makes you a mosquito target is if you tend to produce more carbon dioxide. This happens to pregnant women because their bodies have a higher amount of carbon dioxide in their blood than others.
  • All mosquitoes feed on blood – Absolutely not! Most mosquitoes don’t. There are more than 3500 mosquito species, among which only a handful feed on animal blood. Moreover, in these species, only the females feed on your blood and not the male ones. The female mosquitoes lay eggs, and to do that, they need to feed on blood. So, what do these male mosquitoes make a meal out of? Plant juices! They derive energy from the sugar content of these plant juices.
  • After they bite you, mosquitoes die – This is a huge myth. This concept of dying after stinging is only valid in the case of honey bees. It happens because once they sting you, they cannot take the stinger out, and some of their body parts, like their digestive tract and the abdomen, are left in you. So, these bees die because of a rupture in their abdomen. This phenomenon is not present in mosqutoes. Like we mentioned in the previous paragraph, mosquitoes feed on your blood because they want to lay eggs.
  • Mosquitoes come out only in the dark – Mosquitoes do prefer to roam about anytime before dawn, but this is not because of the light factor that most people assume. Their activities are influenced by temperature, and the ideal temperature for these pests is between 12-22 degrees Celsius. So, if these temperatures are present during the daytime, you are going to spot the mosquitoes. The temperature range also varies with each species.
  • There are no mosquito-borne diseases in the U.S. – People in the U.S. often take mosquitoes for granted because they believe that there are no mosquito-borne diseases here. Indeed, diseases are not common, but recently, there was a Zika outbreak spread by mosquitoes. There are also mosquotes who can transmit west nile virus too.  You never know which mosquito is carrying the disease and which is not, so you have to remain careful at all times and control the spread of mosquitoes in your surroundings.
Mosquito Control

Preventive Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes Infestation

If you don’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes day and night or be at risk of catching some deadly diseases, you can follow these preventive measures and keep the mosquitoes away from your property –

  • Check for any standing water – Mosquitoes are always in search of standing water to lay eggs. It acts as their breeding ground. They do not even need too much water – only an inch of standing water is enough for them. The eggs can hatch as quickly as in a week, or they might even take a month. After the eggs have hatched, it will approximately take ten more days for the larvae to mature. Since mosquitoes lay a massive quantity of eggs every time, a few mosquitoes can quickly produce enormous swarms of baby mosquitoes. So, your task is to not allow any standing water on your property, for example, in birdbaths, toys, or buckets lying in the yard. If you have an inflatable pool in which your kids play, make sure you keep them inverted when not in use so that rainwater cannot collect in it. If you have an in-ground pool in your house, you have to take some additional measures or seek professional help to ensure your pool doesn’t become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • Clear clutter – When mosquitoes are not roaming around in search of food, they are usually resting in places like bushes, shrubs, and tall grasses. So, if you don’t want these pesky little creatures lounging in your yard, mow the grasses from time to time and regularly prune the shrubs. If any waste leaves or clutter are lying around, pick them up and keep your yard clean. Some houses have big trees near them. If that’s the case with your property, make sure you trim those trees regularly so that the leaves cannot harbor rainwater and provide the mosquitoes another place to breed.

Even if a mosquito doesn’t cause a deadly disease doesn’t mean you will allow them to breed on your property. Remember that mosquitoes bite and feed on your blood. You need to protect yourself and your loved ones from these insects, and to do that, DIY measures are not enough. They only provide a short-time relief but not a solution. If you want to prevent the mosquitoes from returning, we at Six Brothers Pest Control can help you with our specially designed mosquitoes control services in Boise, Idaho. If you want to avail of our services, you can directly give us a call on (208) 801-7378, or you can even write to us at

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