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If your home shows signs of a probable mice infestation, you shouldn’t waste any time and call for professional help right away. The most dangerous thing about mice being present in your house is that they can easily cause food poisoning as they tend to contaminate the food that was left open. They also pose the risk of spreading some severe diseases. You can contact our specialists at Six Brothers Pest Control whenever you need a thorough and safe mice control service in Boise, Idaho.

Warning Signs of a Mice Infestation

Like we mentioned before, identifying an infestation is the first task to controlling it at the right moment. Like other pests, even mice leave behind some signs and if you notice these signs, never make the mistake of ignoring them. But not everyone is aware of what these signs are and how you can spot them so, we have listed some of the visible signs of mice infestation in this list below to make the process easier for you –

  1. Droppings and Urine – These two things are very commonly spotted whenever you have mice in the house. They are notorious for leaving behind feces here and there like a calling card. Even if you notice droppings once, it is essential to get your property checked by a professional because you never know the infestation extent. The more time you take to deal with the infestation, the higher the possibility of the mice to multiply and cause even a more significant problem.
  2. Signs of Chewing – Mice have the habit of chewing through anything that comes in their way. They like to gnaw on random things in your house, and when they do that, you can quickly identify the marks. You should look at things like old books, clothing, drywall, or even your furniture, and if you notice any chewing marks, the most likely situation is that you have mice running around in your house.
  3. Unusual Noise – This is another surefire sign of a mice infestation. Pay close attention at night. Mice love to move around when no one is around, that is, at night. So, they will make scratching sounds or squealing sounds that are very easily identifiable.
  4. Change in Pet Behavior – If you have a pet in the house, then you have this additional sign to look for – your dog or cat will be the first to notice a mouse. So, if you find your pet pawing at places they usually don’t, for example, beneath the couch or the refrigerator, it is probably because they have seen a mouse hiding there. Moreover, pets can also smell the presence of a mouse.
  5. Holes – One of the main reasons mice come inside your homes is to look for a safe nesting place. Thus, once they come inside, nesting is their primary aim. They will make holes in furniture or cabinets, and these holes are obvious indicators of a mice infestation.

Once you have physically checked your house, you are bound to find at least one of these signs mentioned above if you have mice on your property. In case you cannot figure out which type of mice has invaded your house, you can call us, and our team will identify the type of pest and strategize how to protect your house against them.

Boise Idaho Mice Control

What Attracts Mice to Your Property?

If you want to steer clear of a mice infestation on your property, one of the most important things that you should know about is what are those things that attract the mouse to your house in the first place –

  • Food – This is the most apparent attractant of not only mice but also all types of other pests. If you leave empty food packets in your yard or leave the pet bowls on your porch, you are inviting mice. Check whether trash cans present both outside and inside your house have a lid or not. If not, then the exposed garbage is like a treat to mice. So, if you want to keep such a nuisance away from your house, make sure there is no food lying around for them to feast upon.
  • Water – While some people might know about food being a very common pest attractant, they ignore water. Any water sources in your yard, for example, a bird bath or even a leak in the plumbing, is an invitation to wildlife including mice to come onto your property. Thus, these water sources should be addressed.
  • Shelter – One of the primary reasons for most types of pests to enter your property is their search for cover, and it is the same with mice. Some common problematic aspects are woodpiles, overgrown shrubs, dog houses left open, and sheds. If the mice find their way into your attics, basements, crawl spaces, and garages, then too, they will cause an infestation in a matter of days. Thus, you should check your house from time to time for any possible entry point and continually trim the branches of trees surrounding your house so that they cannot reach the outside walls. You should also install door sweeps and chimney caps for added safety. If any of the vent screens have been damaged, make sure you repair them too.

One of the most common varieties of mice that invade the homes in Boise, Idaho, is the house mice. If you have even a slight suspicion, contact Six Brothers Pest Control immediately for a full house inspection. If you keep waiting for the infestation to reach the extreme point where your house is crawling with mice everywhere, controlling the infestation will also take a longer time. Our company has years of experience in preventing mice infestation and managing existing ones, so we will be happy to protect your house and make it less vulnerable to these pests. With our team of experts, you can rest in peace knowing that your house is in safe hands. For any questions that you might have, you can directly give us a call on (208) 801-7378, or you can even write to us at info@sixbrotherspestcontrol.com

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